Clever, creative, modest:the Chinese language practice [电子书]

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  • 出版社:上海外语教育出版社
  • ISBN:978-7-5446-1756-7
  • 文件大小:4632K
  • 出版日期:2010-09-01
  • 中图分类号:H004.1
  • 所属分类:首页 >H 语言文字 >H0 语言学





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  • 1书名页
  • 2版权页
  • 4前言页
  • 13目录页
  • 161 The Myth of the Silent, Restrained, and Humble Chinese
  • 16The Exotic Chinese: Stereotype, Misinformation, or Matter of Perspective?
  • 19Routes Toward the Images and the Framing
  • 25In Search of an Alternative Picture
  • 31What This Book Is About
  • 32Chapters to Follow
  • 352 The Manipulative Speaker
  • 35Introduction
  • 38Some Cultural Foundations of Interpersonal Skills
  • 40The Round and the Smooth
  • 44Manipulative Talk Devoid of Internal Foundation
  • 49The Rhetorical Tradition
  • 53Irony and Criticism
  • 58A Sense of Ambivalence—To Be, or Not to Be, Clever
  • 60Interpersonal Connections as Social Resources
  • 61Orders of Relationships—A Differentiated World
  • 64Preference for One's Own People
  • 66The Emotional as Utilitarian
  • 69Manipulating Interpersonal Ties via Talk
  • 69Closing Up to Get What One Needs
  • 78Balancing Debts of Human Feeling
  • 86Negotiating Interpersonal Positioning
  • 94Tactics for Going Through Another
  • 103“Outside People,” Outside Category
  • 109Further Thoughts
  • 1153 THE Artistic Chinese Speaker
  • 115The Written and the Oral
  • 116Some Notes About the Chinese Language
  • 124From High Culture to Folk Wisdom
  • 131Chinese Rhetorical Traditions
  • 134Words as Art and Signs of Wisdom
  • 135Philosophy of Language
  • 138Indirectness as a Sign of Artistry
  • 143Metaphors and Analogies
  • 146Summary
  • 146Artistic Expressions and Manifestations
  • 147Poems
  • 154Matched Couplets
  • 157Chengyu
  • 159Suyan
  • 172Verbal Artistry in Action
  • 173Capturing Interpersonal Boundaries
  • 179Sentiments and Expressions
  • 188From Solemnity, to Playfulness, to Humor
  • 195Words for Social Occasions
  • 200Concluding Remarks
  • 2024 The Humble Chinese Speaker
  • 202The Introspective Chinese
  • 203Words and Life: The Moral Universe and the Need for Self-Inspection
  • 206Words as a Spiritual and Moral Task
  • 212Sincerity as the Foundation for Interpersonal Transactions
  • 216Words as Imperfect Means for Describing the Universe
  • 221Reasoning with the Universe by Words
  • 230Summary
  • 231About Care and Concern—Yuan and Zhai
  • 235Yuan, a Buddhist and Folk Concept
  • 239Yuan and Zhai:Matters of Causality
  • 243Letting Go
  • 245The Inter-connected Sentient World
  • 247Implications
  • 250Humbleness in Action
  • 251Halting Speakers—Their Humility and Modesty
  • 256Others First, Self Second
  • 263Indirection as a Sign of Politeness
  • 268Use of Intermediary
  • 272Invitation to Participate
  • 278Afterthoughts
  • 2825 Epilogue: Multidimensionality of Chinese Language Use
  • 283The Manipulative, the Artistic, and the Humble: A Recollection
  • 284Challenges of Cultural Change and Development
  • 288Some Final Words
  • 290References